The Caltech Honorary Member Award

About the Award

The Honorary Member of the Caltech Alumni Association Award recognizes the individual’s advancement of the Alumni Association’s mission. Recipients can be current or past members of the Caltech community, including but not limited to administration, faculty, staff (except for current staff assigned to support the CAA), coaches, and volunteers.

Nominate a Member

We invite you to nominate a member of the Caltech community who is not a degree holder to become an honorary member of the Caltech Alumni Association.

The Honorary Member Award recognizes a member of the Caltech community for the advancement of the CAA’s mission:

  1. To ensure the success and well-being of every member of the Caltech alumni community.
  2. To advance humanity through active alumni participation in the Caltech community and in the communities in which we live, work, and play.

Faculty, administration, staff, and other members of the greater Caltech community can have long-lasting impact on our students and alumni, at Caltech and beyond. When considering nominations, we are looking for evidence of a sustained and continual impact that goes above and beyond normal expectations for the nominee’s typical role. Be as thorough as possible when writing your nomination, and remember committee members may not personally know your nominee.

Anonymous or self-nominations are not accepted.

Nominations for the 2021 Honorary Member Award are now closed. Thank you for your submissions!


Who is eligible for the Honorary Member Award?

Any individual from the Caltech community who is not a degree holder is eligible for the Honorary Member Award. Recipients can be current or past members of the Caltech community, including administration, staff, faculty, coaches, and volunteers.

Who selects the Honorary Member recipients?

A selection committee comprised of alumni and CAA Board members reviews nominations and recommends candidates to the CAA Board, which then confirms the recipients.

What do I need in order to submit a nomination?

Submissions require a narrative nomination letter to help the committee understand the distinctive achievements and impact of your nominee as they relate to award criteria. As you write your nomination letter, please consider the following questions:

  1. How has this individual helped students, alumni, and the greater Caltech community to:
    – be dedicated, passionate promoters of the value and virtues of science and technology?
    – be active participants in the life of the Institute?
    – be active participants in their communities?
    – use their skills, experiences, training, and education to the benefit of themselves, alumni, students, their communities, or the world at large?
  2. How does this nominee stand out in your mind?
  3. What impact has the individual had on the culture of the Caltech community?
  4. How has the nominee built and strengthened the bond between alumni, students, and the Institute?

We encourage you to discuss your nominee with others who can provide you with valuable additional perspectives that may assist you in writing your nomination letter.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?