• Seminar Day
    A Caltech Alumni tradition for over 80 years, Seminar Day offers an inside look at some of the cutting-edge research produced by the brilliant minds of Caltech faculty and alumni.
  • Alumni Weekend + Reunion
    All alumni are invited to celebrate and reconnect with Caltech and each other during Alumni Weekend + Reunion. Learn about what’s happening on campus, catch up with fellow Techers, and—of course—celebrate our milestone undergraduate reunion classes.
  • Dinner is Served
    Building the Techer community, one meal at a time. Dinner with Techers brings current students and Caltech alumni together for an informal and intimate dinner. Whether you’re a student who wants to learn more about life after Caltech or an alumnus/a who wants to connect with and support current students, Dinner with Techers is the way to do it.


At the Caltech Alumni Association, we are constantly working with our alumni and campus partners to develop projects, initiatives, and solutions in the pursuit of science, technology, and advancement to better the Caltech community, and the world. Want to work on something together? Partner and connect with us.


Support the Institute and future generations of Techers. Your contributions make an impact and are appreciated.

  • Break Through: Just the Beginning
    Thanks to you, Caltech will continue to challenge the status quo and ask fundamental questions that lead to breakthroughs with yet-unimagined benefits for society and the world.
  • The Caltech Fund
    The Caltech Fund raises support from alumni, students, parents, and friends to enhance the undergraduate and graduate student experience that is unique to Caltech.