Intro to Negotiation Strategy and Tactics

Presented on Feb. 5, 2015

Did you know that the salary of your very first job after graduation determines your salaries for the rest of your life? Learn how to create a win-win situation and negotiate right from start to finish in the job decision process. Clarifying your needs and wants, and those of the other party are key. The negotiation skills you learn are valuable in that they can be applied to any situation in your professional (and even personal) life.

Learning Objectives
•Identify and define the elements of a successful negotiation.
•Develop a negotiation strategy, applicable to almost any situation, to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.
•Compare different negotiation tactics and techniques and determine the appropriateness for each.
•Communicate your value in a negotiation and determine ways to learn what the other party wants out of the negotiation/finds most valuable (even if they don't say it).
•Learn the roles that speech and non-verbal cues, such as body language, play in negotiation.

About the Speaker

Alaina G. Levine is an award-winning entrepreneur, science and engineering careers consultant, professional speaker and corporate comedian, and science journalist. Her new book, “Networking for Nerds”, on networking strategies for scientists and engineers, will be published by Wiley in 2015. As President of Quantum Success Solutions, she has been advising emerging and established scientists and engineers about their careers for over a decade, and has consulted with tens of thousands of early- and mid-career scientific and engineering professionals. She has given over 600 workshops and seminars for clients in the US, Europe, and Mexico (including Caltech!), and is the author of over 200 articles pertaining to science, engineering, science careers and business in such publications as Science, Nature, Smithsonian, Scientific American, IEEE Spectrum, New Scientist, and COSMOS. Read her complete bio at

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