Dinner With Techers


Dinner with Techers connects students with alumni who are willing and able to host them for lunch or dinner at their home or at a local restaurant within six miles from campus. It gives students and alumni a chance to make connections and build community around and outside Caltech. It gives alumni a chance to hear what life is like at Caltech, and it is a way for students to learn from alumni about their transition from Caltech to their professional experiences (Can we say careers here?). This program offers alumni a shared experience about “Life after Caltech,” and students can build their network with alumni in an informal, welcoming and inclusive, community setting.

Dinner with Techers pairs students with Caltech alumni for small, intimate lunch or dinner parties (4-8 students per alum). The goals of this unique program are to provide students with the following opportunities:

  • Meet Caltech alumni in a relaxed, informal setting
  • Establish connections beyond immediate peer or academic groups
  • Develop a higher comfort level of networking with alumni
  • Build and experience the broader Caltech community

Hosts and participants not only get to know some current Caltech students on a deeper level, but also act as role models by sharing life experiences and advice with students while teaching them how to succeed at Caltech and beyond. It is not meant to be used for job recruitment or interviewing students, rather as a way to get to know them outside the classroom setting and offer general advice on life at and after Caltech. Ultimately, Dinner with Techers is another way the Caltech Alumni Association strives to bridge the gap between students and alumni.

Interested in hosting? Email Isabelle Wright at iwright@caltech.edu.