Wireless Access on Campus

There are three campus-wide wireless networks: BeaverNet, Registered, and Caltech Guest. Alumni visiting campus should connect to the Caltech Guest network. No password is required.

Connecting to the Caltech Guest Network

Use of the Caltech Guest network is subject to the following, per Caltech's Information Management Systems & Services (IMSS):

  • Access to the Caltech Guest wireless network is provided at the discretion of the California Institute of Technology and may be revoked at any time without prior notice.
  • The Caltech Guest wireless network is not a secure network. Other users can potentially intercept information you send and receive. Use of encryption is strongly recommended for any sensitive or private information, including passwords.
  • Use of the Caltech Guest wireless network is restricted to web (http and https) , Secure Shell (SSH), and Virtual Private Network (VPN) only. Other uses are not allowed.
  • Users of the Caltech Guest wireless network are rate-limited and are prevented from communicating directly with each other. All traffic is subject to Network Address Translation.
  • Users network traffic will be monitored as part of Caltech's normal network management processes.
  • Users are subject to the Caltech Institute Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources.