Email Client Setup

The server supports both IMAP and web-based email access. All account settings are administered via the web-based interface regardless of which protocol you use to read and send email.

Our services are fully compliant with current email standards.


If you are using an email client like Thunderbird (our primary, tested client), Outlook*, or Apple's Mail, you will use IMAP.

Use these settings when configuring your email client:

  • Incoming Mail
  • Outgoing Mail
  • Username/Login Name:username
  • Email
  • Reply To
  • Incoming and outgoing connections are encrypted to protect your privacy.

For the IMAP settings, select "use SSL" and port 993.

For the SMTP settings, select "use TLS" (if available) and port 25 or port 587. Do not select "use SSL." (Note: If you are using Apple's Mail program, you must select "use SSL.") Use port 587 if your ISP blocks port 25.

Select "use name and password" (or "authentication") and use the same username and password. Do not select "Secure Password Authentication" - if it was selected, unselect it.

For help setting up your email client, contact

*If you're using Outlook 2007 and are experiencing difficulties connecting to our server, please be aware that in December of 2010 Microsoft released an update to Outlook 2007 which affects its ability to connect to our server.  The update in question is KB2412171, and you'll find details on Microsoft's site here. They suggest removing the update if you're experiencing problems connecting to mail servers, and give directions on how to do so.