A volunteer Board of Directors governs the Caltech Alumni Association. Most voting Board members serve three-year terms and currently represent graduates from classes as early as 1965 and as recently as 2012.  The Caltech Alumni Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Executive Committee (2015-2016)

Lee Fisher (BS '78, Ruddock House) 
lfisher (at)

Dave Tytell (BS '99, Blacker House) 
Vice President
tytell (at)

Phil Naecker (BS '76, Fleming House)
pan (at)

Chris Bryant (BS '95, Ruddock House)
bryantchris (at)

Sam Foster (BS '98, Blacker House)
Past President
samf (at)

Directors (2015-2016)

César Bocanegra (BS '95)
cesarbr (at)

Jasmine Bryant (BS '95, Ruddock House)
jbryant (at)

Milton Chang (MS '65, PhD '69)
miltonchang (at)

Anthony Chong (BS '10, Ruddock House)
anthony.chong (at)

Laura Conwill (BS '12, Lloyd House)
lauraconwill (at)

Megan Greenfield (BS '04, Lloyd House)
megan.greenfield (at)

Keith Karasek (BS '74, Lloyd House)
karasek (at)

Kent Noble (BS '87, Page House)
caakent (at)

Stephen O'Connor (PhD '95)
caltechsteve (at)

Satoshi Ohtake (BS '00, Ruddock House)
satoshi.ohtake (at)

Nicola Peill-Moelter (MS '93, PhD '97)
npeill (at)

Anneila Sargent (MS '67, PhD '77)
afs (at)