How to Upload an Event Album to Flickr

Once an event is complete, we move the photos from it to Flickr,  along with pertinent information about the event. These steps detail how we create an album, then apply the correct event name, descriptions, tags, etc. for long term archiving.

1.     Go to

2.     Log into the Caltech Alumni Account.

Click Sign In (upper right corner):

Enter Sign In credentials -  
username: caltechalumni password: Caltech!Connect!

3. Once you are logged in, click Upload in the top menu bar:


4.  Click Choose photos and videos:


5. Select the photos you wish to upload,  (you can select multiple by holding the shift key while clicking) and click, Choose:

6.  Once the photos you selected are finished uploading, in the left side column, click ‘Replace XX titles’ to input the title of the event for each photo. (See steps 7-12 for event title names.)


7.  Open in a new browser window.

8. Log into the Caltech Alumni account:

Click Log in in the upper right corner:


Enter Log In credentials:
username: password: Sherpa4xmas


9.  Click the arrow next to the username in the top right toolbar, then click My Events:


10.  Click Completed to view the list of completed event titles:


11.  Find the event you are posting pictures from and copy the title (command + C for Macs and CTRL + C for PCs)

12.  Return to the Flickr page in your browser.

13.  Add descriptions to each photo - click Add a description under each photo to add a caption of who and what is in the photo:


14.  Add tags to the photos – hold the shift key, and click on each photo then click Add tags: [note – all photos should be framed in pink.]


15.  Add tags by typing each word separately, then hit enter after you have typed them all – Caltech Alumni Association [Event Location] [Year] [Region] [Event Type – mixer, seminar, etc..].

16.  Add the photos to an album. Ensure all photos are still selected [framed in pink] and click Add to albums:


17.  Click Create a new album in pop-up window:


18.  Input event title and description [from Eventbrite in steps 7-12] then click Create album:


19.  Click the album name you just created in the list, once clicked a green arrow will appear next to it. Click Done: