Student Programs

Connecting current students with alumni


Dinner With Techers

Dinner with Techers connects students with alumni who are willing and able to host them for lunch or dinner at their home or at a local restaurant within six miles from campus. It gives students and alumni a chance to make connections and build community around and outside of Caltech. It gives alumni a chance to hear what life is like at Caltech, and it is a way for students to learn from alumni about their transition from Caltech to their careers. This program offers alumni a shared experience about “Life after Caltech,” and students can build their network with alumni in an informal, welcoming and inclusive, community setting.



TecherTrek company site visits give current undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to meet with alumni in their workplace environment where they can learn more about their experiences and life after Caltech, receive a tour of the facilities, and participate in a Q&A session with alumni at the company to learn more about their areas of expertise.



 TecherTalk alumni panels bring recent alumni back to campus to speak with current students about their transition from Caltech into their careers. It is a great opportunity for alumni to stay connected with their alma mater, and it is a chance for students to hear firsthand from alumni about their life experiences and career trajectory. 



TecherTime office hours allow students to connect with alumni in an informal, welcoming environment at the Caltech Alumni House. It gives students an opportunity to speak with alumni one-on-one or in small groups of two or three to network and seek their advice. Alumni get a chance to connect with current students and share their insights and expertise on preparing for their life after Caltech.


Student Alumni Committees

Members of the undergraduate and graduate Student Alumni Committees work alongside with the Caltech Alumni Association to create programs and events that build community, connect students with alumni, and foster lifelong intellectual and emotional connections with the institute. Both committees work to inspire Caltech pride and strengthen the bond that current students have with institute, their class, and the entire alumni family. They provide professional, social, and service opportunities to current students as well as coordinate logistics for programming with alumni.  Both committees comprise of students from all houses, cohorts, lab groups, and programs.