Past Book Club Picks

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April-June 2019

The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life

Hosted by Suzy Beeler

Graduate Student Suzy Beeler, studies how E. coli regulates the expression of its roughly 4000 genes, a problem she pursues in Rob Phillips lab.

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March-April 2019

Paper: Paging Through History


Hosted by Peter Sachs Collopy

Peter Sachs Collopy is a historian, archivist, and curator of science, technology, and media. As Caltech’s University Archivist, Peter leads a team that organizes and preserves the historical record of research at Caltech to facilitate understanding of the Institute’s role in the history of science and technology

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by Alan Alda

by Alan Alda

January-February 2019

If I understood you, would i have this look on my face?

Hosted by Brian Brophy

Brian Brophy (Director) is in his tenth year as Director of Caltech Theater and directed over fifty plays around the world.

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November-December 2018


Hosted by Dr. Melanie Masterton Sherazi

Dr. Sherazi is a Postdoctoral Instructor of American literature at Caltech focusing on the mixed-genre cultural work produced by African American writers and artists in postware Rome, often in collaboration with Italian filmmakers and artists.

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by Octavia E. Butler

by Octavia E. Butler

by Sam Kean

by Sam Kean

September-October 2018

The disappearing spoon: And other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements

Hosted by Professor Tom Miller

Professor Miller develops theoretical and computational methods to understand a variety of molecular processes.

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June-August 2018

I contain Multitudes: the Microbes within us and a grander view of life

Hosted by Henry Schreiber, IV

Dr. Henry Schreiber focuses on how psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, alter the gut microbiome and the immune system in a way that makes those patients more likely to suffer gastrointestinal diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease. 

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by Ed Yong

by Ed Yong

by Janna Levin

by Janna Levin

april-june 2018

Black hole blues and other songs from outer space

Hosted by Professor Alan Weinstein

Professor Weinstein's research focuses on the search for gravitational waves (GWs) using the Advanced LIGO detectors, within the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

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February-april 2018

rise of the rocket girls: The women who Propelled us, From Missiles to the Moon to Mars

Hosted by Sue Finley, Human Computer. Rocket Girl. Test Engineer at NASA: JPL. NASA's longest serving woman.

Sue Finley began working at NASA, JPL in 1958 as a "human computer," doing complex math for engineers in the space program. She moved into Fortran computer programming at the dawn of the computer age, and has seen and done it all during her 50+ years at JPL, where she continues to work to this day as a test engineer for the Deep Space Network.

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by Janna Levin

by Janna Levin