In Memoriam | Lt Col Eric "Doc" Schultz (PhD '00)

Eric Schultz (PhD '00), age 44, was a test pilot in the US Air Force. He died on September 5, 2017 in the line of duty during a training mission on the Nevada Test and Training Range, about 100 miles northwest of Nellis Air Force Base. He received his PhD in aerospace engineering from Caltech. His father recalls visiting him in California when he was earning his Ph.D., where he spoke with other students and professors who said Eric had a reputation as a mentor who was always willing to dedicate as much time as necessary to help others.

Before joining the Air Force he was a senior scientist and business development manager at the Pratt & Whitney Seattle Aerosciences Center and a rotary wing flight test engineer at the Naval Air Warfare Center.

In the military he flew more than 210 missions flight testing the F-35 and CF-18. His military experience included a role as the Director of Operations and Exchange Officer for the Canadian Forces Flight Test Center, and systems engineering work for the Airborne Laser program.

Eric also served in Afghanistan, where he flew an F-15E in more than 50 close air support combat missions.

Doc leaves behind a wife and 5 young children. A memorial fund has been established for the benefit of his family.