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Understanding Olfaction: An Interview with Elizabeth Hong (BS ’02)

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Betty Hong is interested in how animals sense cues in their environment, process that information in the brain, and then use that information to guide behaviors. To study the processing of information from synapse to behavior, her work focuses on olfaction—or chemical sensing via smell—in fruit flies.

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Elaine Hsiao (PhD ’13) Selected as National Geographic Emerging Explorer

Elaine Hsiao (PhD ’13) has been honored as an Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society. Each of this year's 14 awardees, described by the society as "uniquely gifted and inspiring scientists, conservationists and innovators who are at the forefront of discovery, adventure and global problem-solving while still early in their careers," will receive a $10,000 award to aid further research and exploration.

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