CaltechTHESIS: Making Your Work Available to the World


The Caltech Library wants to publish your thesis online


For more than a decade, the Caltech Library has been converting its collection of theses to digital format, to share with researchers around the world. They just need your help.

From the Caltech Library:

The Caltech Library and the Grad Office have been supporting an electronic thesis program since 2002.  All PhD graduates have been required to deposit an electronic thesis since 2003.  In the print era, a heavily used PhD dissertation was one that was borrowed from the library more than once, EVER.  Things have changed.  Caltech theses were downloaded more than 1,000,000 times during 2013 and usage has been growing every year for more than a decade.

The library has been working under guidance of the Office of General Counsel to scan and make available all of the Caltech PhDs, regardless of the year in which you received your degree.  The thesis database, CaltechTHESIS, has approximately 6,300 PhD theses online currently and more are added all of the time.  Not all of the theses have been digitized yet and not all of those that are online can be accessed from off campus, in accordance with copyright law.  You, the authors, hold the key to allowing your thesis to be globally available.  Depending on graduation date, the Library must have permission from the author to make a thesis available from off campus.

Please consider helping the Library make this part of your Caltech legacy available to the world. Use this web form to provide the necessary permission and, perhaps, some additional information about your thesis, advisor, and committee.  The Library will scan, if necessary, and remove access restrictions from theses as quickly as possible following the submission of your information.  Depending on the volume of responses it may take several days to process all of the theses.