Caltech Pranksters Strike BCS Title Game at the Rose Bowl

On Monday, when it seemed all eyes were on the Bowl Championship Series national title football game at the Rose Bowl, 100 Caltech undergraduates performed a two-part prank. Early in the morning, the group erected a 2,000-square-foot sign that spelled out "Pasadena" on a hillside overlooking the Rose Bowl. Then, just before the game's halftime, they used 6,300 orange lights to illuminate and transform the sign so that it read "Caltech." 

"The scale of this prank is really what makes it amazing," said Caltech senior Julie Jester. "The design had a lot of us, including myself, very worried that we'd be unable to make it so big. On top of the sheer size, we had to figure out how to actually transport everything up the steep, thin, long, and winding trail to the top of the mountain. By putting our heads together we managed to work through all of the issues."

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Written by Allison Benter