Meeting Feynman's Challenge: Nanoscience

In 1959, Caltech's Richard Feynman told an audience of physicists that "there's plenty of room at the bottom." He was contemplating the future of nanoscience, "a new field of physics," and how it might change the very way we think about - and do - science and engineering.
What Feynman mused as "possible in principle" has taken strides toward reality. Nanoscience - the science of the very small - has led to established technical fields, among them atom by atom manipulation, electron-beam and ion-beam fabrication, projection electron microscopy, and quantum-effect electronics.
48 years after Feynman's call we convened on the Caltech campus to ask: how are we meeting - and exceeding - the challenges of nanoscience? How will our successes change the world tomorrow? What risks and rewards lie ahead as we enter a new phase in the development of these technologies? And how will nanoscience link together a wide range of research disciplines from across the sciences and engineering? Visit the Alumni College page to learn more >>