"Legends of Caltech III" Released

Pranks, alley challenges, house traditions are all part of life at Caltech. From the (in)famous Rose Bowl card stunt to the invasion of "that other Institute of Technology," Caltech students have a long and storied history of carrying out pre-meditated mischief.
Legends of Caltech III: Techer In the Dark, edited by Autumn Looijen '99 and Mason A. Porter '98, is the latest chronicle of Caltech student life and the schemes that often stem from late-night study sessions fueled by donuts and caffeine. Legends III successfully captures some of the lesser-known tales of Caltech pranking dating back into the 1950s, modern-era pranks, plus several pranks perpetrated in the "real world" outside of Caltech.
Legends of Caltech and More Legends of Caltech were released in 1983 and 1989 and have remained popular tomes of wisdom for students who themselves aspire to become "legends." All three volumes are available for purchase at the Caltech Bookstore. A portion of the profits from Volume III go to the Caltech Prank Fund: a pool of money dedicated to funding student pranks. For more information, visit