Roddam Narasimha ’61 PhD wins Padma Prize


The annual Padma awards honor up to 48 educators in three categories. Narasimha is currently an aerospace scientist and honorary professor at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research and holds the Pratt & Whitney Chair in Science and Engineering at the University of Hyderabad.


From Narasimha's official biography


Prof Narasimha’s research has been chiefly concerned with aerospace and atmospheric fluid dynamics. He is internationally known for his  extensive studies of transitions between laminar and turbulent flow (going in either direction), the structure of shock waves, various characteristics of fully developed turbulent flow (e.g. their memory, the bursting phenomenon in boundary layers), the fluid dynamics of clouds, near-surface temperature distributions and eddy fluxes in tropical  atmospheric boundary layers. His recent laboratory studies on cloud flows, carried out with colleagues and students, have been called 'amazing', resulting in 'groundbreaking research' on an important scientific problem rellevant to global climate change and the Indian monsoons. 

He has been closely associated with aerospace technology development in India at both technical and policy-making levels. 

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