Startup Weekend

Since 2007, Startup weekend has organized 787 events, in which over

75'000 entrepreneurs from 10'000+ teams have participated.  In a typical Startup Weekend event, there will be 60-120 participants, in which 50% has technical backgrounds and the other 50% business oriented.

The event website is:


Current Caltech students and recent alumni (within 5 years) can register through the link below for a reduced price of $20.







This event is not for Caltech students only (located on Campus, we expect many Caltech students to participate), any entrepreneurial team is welcome.  Detals of participation can be found here:





Caltech is looking for mentors who can be onset to advice the teams over the weekend.  Ideally the lead mentors are experienced entrepreneurs from the local startup community or in the tech industry. Mentors can apply directly on the competition website:





Judges are needed to review the business plans on Sunday evening. The ideal judges have significant experience in new business creation, either as an entrepreneur or an investor (or both). Judging will take the afternoon and evening of Sunday Feb. 17.

Those interested in judging, please contact:

Melanie Yen





As a facilitator to Startup Weekend, Caltech is looking for companies, investors and entrepreneurs to support the event through sponsorship at a variety of levels, including both cash and in-kind support.


Those interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact:

Melanie Yen