Caltech Launches Updated Website

Welcome to the Redesigned Caltech Website!

The new design was inspired by input from the Caltech community. We asked what you thought of the old website, and you said:

"All the cool stuff Caltech does is hidden."

 "I want to know what other Caltech students and faculty are doing. I want to know more about the research taking place on campus."

"It doesn't show the Caltech culture."

"I would visit more if it was more useful."

We heard you.

We made significant changes to the design and technology, added a great deal of new content and features, and developed two types of navigation so that visitors could better customize their own experience on the site. We also preserved all of the content from the old site and improved the search capability, so regular users will be able to find everything they are used to finding.

It is a big change, and we think it's for the better, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what members of the Caltech community are saying about the new site:

          "Finally it looks like we're not afraid to talk about how awesome Caltech is!"

          "Images were amazing and made me want to dig deeper."

          "Visually spectacular and highly dynamic. A great entry-point to Caltech."

          "The menus are intuitive and easy to use."

The new site has more of what you like—stories, photos, news, announcements, and the Master Calendar—along with videos, real-time social-media connectivity in the footer of each page, and a whole section that's about Caltech!

It also works beautifully on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and everything in between.

Please take a moment to let us know what you think or to report any problems. We are especially interested in comments that can help guide our decisions about the features that will go into the next phase of improvements. 

Site Walk-Through (PDF)