Two Alumni Honored as Broadcom Distinguished Engineers

The title of *Broadcom Distinguished Engineer* is bestowed upon a small number of our exceptional engineers who have consistently gone above and beyond Broadcom¹s high expectations and meet the following strict criteria:

  • Widely recognized by peers in the company as an expert in field of specialization
  • Recognized by peers for ability to solve real, practical problems
  • Often seen as the "go-to" person to solve urgent problems both internally and with customers
  • Often tapped for consulting advice to peers within their group as well as other groups within the company
  • Demonstrated history of outstanding Broadcom project execution

Tony (Tak) Lee, Associate Technical Director, Broadband Communications Group, was cited for his contributions to Advanced Forward Error Correction Technologies.

Paul Penzes, Associate Technical Director, Office of the CTO, was cited for his contributions to Standard Cell Technology Development.