Caltech Student Will Conduct Research Down Under as a Fulbright Scholar

While in Australia, Cleary, a chemical engineering major, will work with researchers at the University of Adelaide's Centre for Energy Technology, studying a type of high-efficiency combustion, known as the MILD combustion regime, which has shown promise as a more efficient and cleaner way of producing energy from gaseous and liquid fuels, and more recently from some solid fuels. Cleary is interested in testing the combustion regime as a cleaner way to burn coal.

"I'm thrilled with the opportunity that winning the Fulbright has given me, and I plan on making the most of it," says Cleary, originally from Rancho Cucamonga, California. He adds that he has always wanted to visit Australia and to live in another country, so he's excited that he will have the opportunity to live there for 10 months. "I am truly honored," he says.