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September's Alumni College feature these fascinating sessions:

  • José Andrade on geologic materials and their role in sustainable infrastructure and energy (Think "greener" concrete and more resilient levees!)
  • Frances Arnold on directing the evolution of new biomolecules to create "superbugs" which convert renewable plant materials to biofuels
  • Harry Atwater on new photonic materials for solar energy conversion
  • K. Mani Chandy, Steven Low, and David Tralli in a panel on capturing, transmitting, distributing, and managing wind & solar energy sources
  • Jim Cowell and John Onderdonk on sustainability initiatives taking place right here on campus
  • Julia Greer on the connection between nanoscale structures and generating energy from sources other than fossil fuels
  • Sossina Haile on the breathtaking pace of laboratory advances in fuel-cell development
  • Nathan Lewis on nonbiological, molecular-level energy conversion which generates fuels directly from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide
  • Shyam Menon on computational strategies for modeling sustainable-energy approaches in transportation

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