Students Get a Taste of Social Life on Campus


"Food is truly a draw to students," says Chris Hallacy, president of the Associated Students of Caltech (ASCIT). "It provides an incentive because it allows students to find a free, easy way to get fed that doesn't take too much time and allows them to get out of their rooms after a long day of work."

Students were clearly enjoying themselves as they mingled and visited booths for dozens of on-campus clubs and organizations. In addition to more traditional groups such as the Chess Club, the Hiking Society, and the Women's Soccer Club, some unusual clubs were also represented: The Longboarding, High Fiving, and V-Neck Club was there to recruit members, the Meat Club reached out to fellow meat connoisseurs, and the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Club drew potential members into its tent to watch and play the game themselves. Attendees were also invited by the Caltech Electric Vehicle Club to check out a Nissan LEAF. [MORE]