Nominate a Professor for the Feynman Prize


Former Feynman Prize Recipients:

2010-11 Morgan Kousser, History and Social Science 
2009-10 Dennis Dougherty, Chemistry 
2008-09 Shuki Bruck, Computation and Neural Systems and Electrical Engineering 
2007-08 Zhen-Gang Wang, Chemical Engineering 
2006-07 Michael Brown, Planetary Astronomy 
2005-06 Richard Murray, Control and Dynamical Systems 
2004-05 Christopher Brennen, Mechanical Engineering 
2003-04 George Rossman, Mineralogy 
2002-03 Niles Pierce, Applied and Computational Mathematics 
2001-02 Joseph Kirschvink, Geobiology 
2000-01 David Stevenson, Planetary Science 
1999-00 Donald Cohen, Applied Mathematics 
1998-99 Emlyn Hughes, Physics 
1997-98 Barbara Imperiali, Chemistry 
1996-97 R. David Middlebrook, Electrical Engineering 
1995-96 Yaser Abu-Mostafa, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
1994-95 Erik Antonsson, Mechanical Engineering 
1993-94 Tom Tombrello, Basic and Applied Physics