Honorary Alumni Association Members Named

May 22, 2008 Caltech Names Honorary Alumni Association Members PASADENA, Calif.- Annually the Alumni Association Board selects one or more exceptional members of the Institute community, who are not Caltech degree holders, to become honorary members. The 2008 recipients are Jean-Lou Chameau, President of Caltech, and Carol Carmichael, Faculty Associate in Engineering and Applied Science. Membership in the Caltech Alumni Association is limited to a rather exclusive group. If you haven't had the pleasure of pulling an all-nighter to complete a Chem 1a homework set, completing your dissertation on the trajectory of the orbit of planet Neptune, or toiling over a hot Bunsen burner, you generally aren?t eligible to join. However, every year the Caltech Alumni Association grants membership to non-Techers ? instead of spending years mired in advanced math and physics courses, they earn it by improving the lives and well-being of Caltech students and alumni. The 2008 Honorary Alumni Award recipients, Jean-Lou Chameau and Carol Carmichael, have done just that through their dedication to the Caltech community. Jean-Lou and Carol came to Caltech in September of 2006, but in their relatively short tenure, they have made extraordinary contributions to the Institute. Their efforts in engaging students, interacting with faculty and communicating with the staff have had a direct, positive impact on the Caltech community as a whole. In addition to endearing themselves to students, staff, and faculty, Jean-Lou and Carol have spearheaded some new and unique endeavors for the Institute. For example, their passion for culinary pursuits coupled with their interest in student ingenuity brought forth the Caltech Olive Harvest. This annual community event gathers students, faculty, alumni and staff to harvest olives from the campus trees, which are then pressed to produce Caltech's own olive oil. The event culminates in a community-wide dinner for all participants ? some 2,000 attendees joined in the fun in 2007. Thanks to Jean-Lou and Carol, a "green" revolution is taking place at the Institute ? an effort whose impact reaches far beyond the borders of the Caltech campus. The couple has an interest in sustainability issues, and their enthusiasm has spread. Efforts to promote sustainability are visible everywhere: the biodegradable packaging materials for foodstuffs at Chandler dining hall, the installation of solar panels on campus rooftops, and irrigation reduction for grassy areas during the summer. Caltech's first couple is only in their "sophomore year" at Caltech, but their contributions could fill several years of commitment to the community. Future efforts during their tenure on campus may eclipse their noteworthy efforts to date. The two recipients will be recognized at the Honorary Alumni Dinner on June 13 at Caltech's Athenaeum where they each will receive a framed certificate of honorary membership in the Alumni Association. Including this year's honorees, 96 people have been named honorary members of the Caltech Alumni Association. For more information, including a list of previous recipients, see http://alumni.caltech.edu/about/haa . Caltech Alumni Association
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