Phisher scam message sent to Caltech users

May 28, 2008
A large number of alumni and campus personnel have received a message this afternoon claiming to be from "Caltech Team" and asking the recipient to reply with their email username and password. These messages are fakes, and IMSS will never ask you to divulge your passwords.
A sample of the one that was received this afternoon, which may be subject to change, is below.
For questions or help with your email account, write to or call 626/395-8365.
>Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 22:40:46 +0100 (CET)
>Subject: *****Under Maintainance*****
>To: undisclosed-recipients:;
>X-Virus-Status: Clean
>Dear Caltech Owner,
>We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail center. We are
>deleting all Caltech email account to create more space for new accounts.
>To prevent your account from closing you will have to update it below so
>that we will know that it's a present used account.
>E-mail Username : ......... .....
>E-mail Password : ...............
>This message is from Ptd messaging center
>Thank you for using Caltech!
>Warning Code:VX2G99AAJ
>Caltech Team