Matthew Malkan (PhD '83)

I was just a grad student, helping out on the filming of a documentary at Caltech.
Called "The Cosmic Quest" (Barr Films), it is now unavailable.
But I really wanted to save my favorite part from oblivion so I got a copy of the
segment which we filmed at Robinson and Bridge with Kip Thorne, Ron Drever,
and his (then) postdoc, SiuAu Lee.

This is a snapshot of the entire Caltech origin of LIGO, in one four minute clip:

Kip S Thorne <> to me, SiuAu.Lee
She was Drever's first postdoc - the first person he hired at Caltech.

Kip S. Thorne:  

On Feb 15, 2016, at 4:56 PM, Matt Malkan <> wrote:

i just added that bit of information in the header information.,
 I had been wondering about Dr. Lee's identity (not having spent
enough time on the 3rd flr of West Bridge to remember...)
Thanks again

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 4:20 PM, Kip S Thorne <> wrote:
Thankyou, Siu Au

MATT:  the video was around April 1980.
Hi Kip,

Thanks for the video.  Yes, I was in there with Ron.  I remember someone came to film the video.   The lab was on the third floor of W. Bridge.  We had the Ar laser and some of the optics, but I don't think we had the vacuum system for the 10 m prototype yet.  

I came to Caltech in the beginning of 1980.  So the film should be in 1980.  Somehow the month of April stuck in my mind.  Ron told me he had seen the movie (on PBS TV ?) not too long after it was filmed.  I have never seen it and I often wondered what happened to it.   This is the first time I saw myself.

Again, congratulations.  It is truly wonderful and fantastic.  

Siu Au
On 2/14/2016, Kip S Thorne wrote:
Dear Siu Au,

Thank you!!  

Matt Malkan (astrophysicist at UCLA) just pointed me to a video at

Is that you in the video, along with Ron Drever?  Can you remind me
when it was you arrived at Caltech?  I'm trying to date the video.
I think 1980.