David F. Stevens (BS '53)


In Memorium - David Stevens

November 19, 1931 to September 26, 2013

David was a long-time active member of the Berkeley-Sakai Association. His wife, Sally, is a member of the Berkeley-Sakai Association Board and their daughter, Molly, participated in the Berkeley-Sakai student exchange in 1984. David joined the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory as a computer programmer and became Head of the Department. David loved music, enjoyed acting in Town and Gown, was an avid puzzler and loved to travel, especially to Japan. He participated in all of our Goodwill programs, was a wealth of knowledge about Japan, had a great sense of humor and was fun to travel with. He wrote wonderful journals about our trips and in the past few years organized and edited our yearly newsletter. We thank David, and his family, for all the years of contribution. He is missed by all of us and by the many friends he has in Sakai, Japan.