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Santa Barbara: Dinner and Talk with Joe Parker

  • Santa Barbara Club 1105 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (map)

Deceiving the Superorganism: Infiltration of Ant Socities by Stealth Beetles

What allows a freeloading outsider to don a disguise and infiltrate a tight-knit society? Extreme evolution. By means of rapid and dramatic behavioral, anatomical, and chemical adaptations, rove beetles can assimilate into ant colonies – normally fiercely xenophobic – and exploit their social hosts undetected. This remarkable group of parasites, the most species-rich family in the animal kingdom, provides a paradigm for studying other complex symbioses.

Please register by April 4, 2019

Additional Information

6:00  Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar
6:30  Dinner
7:45  Presentation
8:30  Questions and discussion

Cost: $55.00

Parking available in the SB Club lot or on the street.