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Webinar: Anticipating the Career Path that Includes a Career Break — What You Can Do NOW to Ensure a Smooth Return to Work Later

A career break may be the furthest thing from your mind right now. But looking ahead, there are expected and unexpected reasons why you might take a break from your career: childcare, eldercare, illness, a wish to travel or pursue a personal interest. What steps should you take now as a working professional who is anticipating a career break? What do you need to do in order to lay the groundwork for a successful career re-entry later? And once on career break, what are the best strategies to pursue to ensure a smooth return to work when you are ready to return?

Carol Fishman Cohen, Chair and Co-founder of iRelaunch, TED Talk speaker, will discuss key strategies to start with now, and explain why these will reap great benefits later when you are ready to return to work.


About the Speaker: Carol Fishman Cohen, Chair and Co-Founder

Carol Fishman Cohen wrote the seminal Harvard Business Review article "The 40-Year-Old Intern" about mid-career internships and is a regular HBR contributor. Her TED talk on relaunching careers has been viewed over 1.7 million times and is translated into 29 languages. Carol is the co-author, along with Vivian Steir Rabin, of the career reentry strategy book Back on the Career Track, long referred to as the "Bible of career reentry." Carol's return to work at Bain Capital after 11 years out of the full-time workforce is documented in a Harvard Business School case study. Carol is regularly quoted in the national press and is a sought-after international speaker on career reentry topics. A graduate of Pomona College and Harvard Business School, she is a mother of four and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.