Alumni Email

When you join the Caltech Alumni Association you may activate an alumni email account (

This account remains active as long as your membership is up-to-date, and is an email account with 200MB of mailbox space and up to 10MB for attachments (incoming or outgoing). You can also use your alumni email as a forwarding account. Use of the alumni email server is subject to the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy.

How do I get an account?

You must be a member of the Caltech Alumni Association to use your alumni email address. If you are not a member, visit our membership page for further information about the benefits of joining. If you are a member, you can request an account by filling out the form below.

What are some features of the alumni email account?

  • Log in anywhere using the Web interface
  • User-specified forwarding
  • Support for IMAP clients
  • 200MB of storage (account quota)
  • 10MB maximum message size (incoming or outgoing)
  • 10MB maximum attachement size (incoming or outgoing)
  • limit of 100 attachments per message (incoming or outgoing)