Email Help


Note that the username/password combination for alumni email is different from the username/password for the Alumni Association website (login option in the upper-right corner of this screen).

Over Quota

To delete messages in your over quota account with webmail, you must set your messages to be deleted immediately, NOT send them to the trash folder. Click on Options, then Folder Preferences. In the Special Folder Options section, click on the drop down menu next to "Trash Folder" and select "[Do not use Trash]" Click "submit."

To quickly delete all messages in your BULK folder, try deleting BULK and re-creating it using the FOLDERS menu at the top of the screen.

If you use your account for forwarding only, edit the X-SPAM rule in your FILTERS menu to delete or forward SPAM messages, not keep them on the server, as this will cause your account to go over quota.

Auto-Logout or System Timeout

If webmail logs you out unexpectedly, change your automatic logout timing preferences. Go to Options then Display Preferences. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Automatic Logout Timer" and change the number of minutes.

Creating SENT and DRAFTS Folders

Alumni email accounts do not have SENT and DRAFTS folders by default. If you want to use these folders, create them using the webmail interface.

Go to the "Folders" menu and create a folder called drafts (or whatever name you prefer). Then, subscribe to the folder you just created using the menu at the bottom of that screen. Next, click on Options, Folder Preferences and set the folder you just made to be your drafts folder. The same process applies to creating a sent folder, etc.


Outgoing messages have a limit of 10MB total for attachments; webmail interface incorrectly indicates that there is only 2MB.

BULK Message Policy

Messages in your BULK folder will be deleted if they are more than 6 months old.


  • The server is backed up daily to disk
  • Once every six days, a full backup is taken
  • Between the full backups, an incremental backup is taken
  • The backups are swept from disk to tape daily
  • Tapes are kept for 30 days

Additional Help

Additional information is available on our Email Services page.