Sign up to host current Caltech students for lunch or dinner!
Dinner with Techers gives you a chance to meet with current Caltech students and share your advice and perspectives on life after Caltech. By signing up, you are providing students with the unique opportunity to speak with someone who knows what it was like to be a student at Caltech and meet alumni in a warm and welcoming setting. Students also appreciate the chance to enjoy a meal and conversation with you.


  • It is expected that all individuals adhere to the Caltech Honor Code.
  • No alcohol may be served or consumed at the meal.
  • Alumni hosts are responsible for paying for the meals. The cost of the meal may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please confer with your tax advisor and keep your receipt.
  • Hosting this dinner for our students and providing a completed event form with receipt allows us to track participation and Caltech to count your support as part of our alumni giving.
  • Meals can take place on campus, at your home, or at a local restaurant within six miles from campus.
  • The Dinner with Techers program is not meant to be used as a recruiting tool.
  • Alumni hosts are asked to take a group photo during their event and send it to studentprograms@alumni.caltech.edu to help the CAA promote student and alumni participation in this program.


How do I sign up to be a host?
Alumni hosts can sign up online here. Registration is on a rolling basis and will remain open year-round. Please note that registering does not automatically confirm your participation as a host for this program.

Can I co-host?
Yes, absolutely. You can co-host a lunch or dinner with classmates, colleagues, friends, or a spouse/partner. There is no limit to the number of co-hosts who can participate.

When can I host my lunch or dinner?
The date and time of your lunch or dinner depends entirely on you. Typically, lunches begin around 12PM, and dinners begin around 6PM.

How many students can I host?
The average group size is around 4 – 6 students per host.

Will I be reimbursed by Caltech for meal expenses?
Caltech will not directly reimburse meal expenses. The cost of the dinner may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please confer with your tax advisor and keep your receipt. Hosting a lunch or dinner for our students and providing a receipt along with a completed event form allows Caltech to count your support as part of our alumni giving. Please send these documents to studentprograms@alumni.caltech.edu after the event.

Is transportation arranged?
Students will be responsible for arranging their own means of transportation to/from the restaurant location. Members of the Student Alumni Committees will serve as lunch or dinner liaisons. Each dinner group is contacted prior to the dinner to encourage carpooling from campus. Please make sure to include the full address of the lunch or dinner location and any other informative details on the host registration form to help students find the location easily.

Can I target my student audience?
Yes. If you prefer to host students with a particular interest or field of study, please share those details on the host registration form. Audience preferences will be added to your lunch or dinner details on the student registration page.

Will I receive a student list prior to the meals?
Yes. You will receive a student list a few days prior to the meal.

Can alcohol be served at the lunch or dinner?
No, serving alcohol is not permitted at any time during the meal.

Can I host again?
Yes, absolutely!

Other questions?
Please contact studentprograms@alumni.caltech.edu if you have any questions or would like more information about the program.