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DeepDyve is an online rental service that provides access to more than 30 million scientific, technical and medical articles from thousands of online journals. Through a special agreement, annual or Lifetime members of the Caltech Alumni Association have access to:

  • The DeepDyve Gold Plan at a 25% discount ($14.99 per month), with a one month free trial period (The general public pays $19.99 per month and has no trial period.)

  • Eligibility to remain a DeepDyve member at our special discounted rate for 12 months from first registration with DeepDyve, with the opportunity to renew as long as your membership is in good standing at the time of renewal

  • Month-to-month DeepDyve membership, which can be canceled at any time

  • Information security: We won't provide your contact information to DeepDyve or any other non-Caltech entity. You must login to DeepDyve using your Caltech alumni email address when you register, as verification of your current membership in the Caltech Alumni Association. (Don't have an alumni email address? Click here »)

Someone who maintains a membership for 11 months after their free one-month trial will save a total of $55 - the cost of a standard annual membership in the Caltech Alumni Association.

To try the service free for one month (without further obligation), visit: