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Nick Stadie (MS '08, PhD '13)

A cocktail of hard work and luck, with a dash of networking in just the right amount, led me into an exciting new phase of life this year. Bozeman, Montana, the legendary western town of "Zen" fame, is my new home as of January 2017. I now teach physical chemistry in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Montana State University, following in the footsteps of my adviser Brent Fultz who instilled in me a rich appreciation for thermodynamics as he has many others before. We are also building up a research effort in designing, synthesizing, and characterizing carbon-based materials for wide-ranging applications, with long term goals of building carbon-bonded networks into 3-connected porous scaffolds of controlled structure. We will carry on an effort in modeling and understanding physisorption-based methods of hydrogen storage, an extension of my graduate work under Channing Ahn. I have many, many to thank in the Caltech community for laying the foundation for what will be a long, adventure-filled path ahead.

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Jomya Lei (BS '13)

Raymond and Jomya (both BS'13) got married at Tech in November. Prior to the ceremony, they decided to do a stack - "Journey to Space" - to capture the experiences they had at Tech and in the aerospace industry. The goal of the stack? Launch a satellite on a rocket to find the party favors!

(PC: Tiffany Wu Photography)

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Himanshu Mishra (MS '10, PhD '13)

Himanushu Mishra (MS '10, PhD '13) is an Assistant Professor in Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. His research investigates "chemical and physical phenomena on the surface of water, such as intermolecular forces, rates of reactions, and specific ion effects."

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