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Benjamin Hendricks (EX '97)

I left Caltech after two fantastic years in order to pursue a career that would combine my artistic and technical interests.  Computer Animation and Visual Effects have been a great route to accomplish that goal, and I now play big roles in setting the looks of movies and/or creating photo-realistic effects in movies like:

- Ghostbusters
- Alice Through the Looking Glass
- American Sniper
- The Amazing Spider-man

But I still love science and Caltech.  Still in touch with some classmates, and drop by the campus anytime I'm nearby.  I hope to one day work more with scientific visualizations or find other ways to apply by work to helping broaden understanding of your work. 

Hannah Carbone (PhD '99)

After several years working as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company in Toronto, I returned to Pasadena in 2005, and in 2007 came back to Caltech where I have been working ever since. I'm now the Director for Innovation, Patents & Licensing within the Office of Technology Transfer & Corporate Partnerships. I live in Sierra Madre with my husband, Greg, and our daughter, Teresa.

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