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Charles Musgrave (Ms '90, PhD '94)

After earning my Ph.D. in Materials Science in 1994 with Bill Goddard and completing a postdoc at MIT, I started my academic career as an assistant professor at Stanford in a joint appointment between Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. After 11 years at Stanford I moved to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder where I am now the department chair and continue my research using quantum chemical calculations to design and investigate new materials and molecules for various engineering applications. I have many fond memories of my years at Caltech, especially of my Ph.D. advisor, who I would like to wish Happy Birthday on the occasion of his 80th birthday this March. Happy birthday Bill!

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Michael Wong (BS '94)

It's hard for this Pageboy to believe that 20+ years have passed since I graduated from 'Tech! After further schooling in Boston and post-doc training in Santa Barbara, I landed in Texas and I've been teaching at Rice University ever since. There are quite a few Techers out here on the "South Coast", as I've learned! I live in Houston with my lovely wife Susan and my daughters Alexandra and Olivia. I'm now Professor and Chair of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department. Research is going well - I received the North American Catalysis Society/Southwest Catalysis Society Excellence in Applied Catalysis Award recently. I am developing catalysis concepts for clean water applications; studying new ways to upgrade biomass and heavy oil; and enjoying doing fun things in nano. I look forward to coming to a Reunion Weekend at some point! "Spe labor levis"


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Benjamin Smith (BS '94)

After serving Readington Township, NJ for twelve years sitting on volunteer committees including Open Space, Historic Preservation and Planning Board, Ben ran for public office as a Republican. He was elected to the Township Committee for a three year term starting 2016. In January the Committee elected him Mayor for 2017.

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