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Cameron Campbell (BS '89)

In spring 2017, I was appointed as a Changjiang Scholar (长江学者) at Central China Normal University (华中师范大学) with the title of Visiting Professor of Early Modern and Contemporary Chinese History (中国近现代史 讲座教授), 2016-2019. Appointment as a Changjiang Scholar is the highest academic honor conferred on individual scholars by the PRC Ministry of Education.  Only a limited number of overseas scholars are recognized every year, especially in the humanities and social sciences. In connection with this appointment, I will work with Central China Normal University to advance training and research in quantitative history, with an emphasis on the construction and analysis of big social science datasets. My primary appointment remains at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where I am Professor of Social Science since 2013 and Associate Dean for the School of Humanities and Social Science.

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Hojin Ahn (BS '85, MS '86, PhD '89)

I was at Lloyd house (1982-1985). My Ph.D. research was usually conducted at Thomas Building and Spaulding Building subbasement. After finishing my degree, I worked at The Aerospace Corporation for 7 years. Subsequently I moved to Istanbul, Turkey where I live past 20 years. Once in a while I had chances to visit Caltech, including the symposium honoring Prof. Chris E. Brennen (my Ph.D. advisor) at his retirement in 2010. I was also saddened by the recent passing of Prof. Rolf H. Sabersky who used to be my B.S. and M.S. advisor until his retirement. Four years ago my son entered Caltech and became a member at Lloyd house as I did. Since then, I feel my connection to Caltech rejuvenated. I am planning to visit this June to attend his graduation. The following photo shows Prof. C.E. Brennen and R.H. Sabersky with me.

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Kevin Maher (PhD '89)

Kevin Maher  (PhD '89) is a Competitive Intelligence Advisor with Shell, where he has worked on a wide variety of projects and in many capacities for the past 26 years. In the last few years he has focused on play geology, resource scoping and economics, competitive activity and forecasting, and corporate strategy. He notes that he did not expect his career would take him on this path when he left Caltech, but finds it "fascinating and rewarding work nonetheless."

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James Kuyper (BS '89)

James Kuyper (BS '89) has worked for NASA contractors for 20 years as a Level 1 Lead. He continues work on geolocation programming "for the MODIS instruments on the Terra and Aqua satellites, and for the VIIRS instrument on the NPP Suomo satellite." After moving to a new home in 2013, he and his wife welcomed twins Allen and Ashlyn early this year. 

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