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Marty Zimmerman (BS '87)

In 2017, Marty was promoted to the title of Engineering Fellow at Commscope, one of only 10 people in this 25,000 employee organization to hold that title. Marty has been with Commscope (originally Andrew) for 18 years. During that time he has held various roles including running the R&D department for the Base Station Antennas group, as its revenue has increased by a factor of 30 during his time with the organization. He currently leads the Antenna Solutions team. He has 28 US and numerous foreign patents.

Marty Zimmerman (BS '87)

Marty Zimmerman, director of antenna engineering, CommScope was honored during his company's first "Innovators in Action" conference celebrating the imaginative solutions, ideas and processes that are moving CommScope to the next level. Mr. Zimmerman was one of 80 global employees recognized for their creative work and ideas that bring innovation to the wired and wireless industries the company serves. The event was held in Frisco, Texas, in February 2017. The Innovators in Action program provides a mechanism for CommScope to identify ideas that are making a difference for the company, and for those who created the ideas to be recognized. CommScope is proud to honor Mr. Zimmerman for his dedication to innovation in base station antenna engineering. Mr. Zimmerman earned a BS in electrical engineering from Cal Tech and works for CommScope from his office in Joliet, Illinois.

Pamela (Feldman) Cosman (BS '87)

I've returned to being a regular professor of EE at UC San Diego after spending 3 years on the dark side as Associate Dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering. A highlight for 2016 was having my first children's book published (The Secret Code Menace, Ransom UK). It is a fictional story for ages 9-11 that teaches a little bit about error correction coding and other concepts from wireless communications. My research is mostly on video compression and wireless comm but I do some biomedical image processing and have even gotten pulled by STEM gender issues into doing some social science research! My oldest son Benjamin graduated from Caltech in 2014 in CS and is a grad student here at UCSD. Second son Rafael (23) got his CS degree from Stanford and is now a venture-backed entrepreneur. Third son Gilead (19) is a sophomore in CS at Cal State Channel Islands. Youngest son Ilan (14) is a high school freshman, and will hopefully break the pattern and do something other than CS. Please look me up if you come to San Diego!

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Doug Cutrell (BS '87)

I have left my science and engineering careers (tutoring, software engineer, research consultant) for a life on a 16 acre farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. My husband and I are converting mostly pasture acreage into gardens and orchards using sustainable permaculture design principles. We are also making plans for aquaponics, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, and woodworking. Old friends and acquaintances are encouraged to take a time-out and visit us on the farm.

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