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Saif Hussain (BS '78)

Living in LA and have had an amazing career so far. Stayed true to the Caltech taught approach: question assumptions, go back/stay true to the fundamentals, relentlessly look for a better way and "The truth shall make you free". Sadly not everyone always agrees with this philosophy and strategy, so I've had more than my fair share of struggles with entrenched conventional thinking and thinkers. Having worked globally from India/Pakistan to Indonesia and Japan and Haiti and places in between, not to mention our own home sweet home the US of A, I feel incredibly blessed for having had the opportunity to make a real difference for people who might not have been able to achieve the same otherwise. I hope Caltech will re-energize its Earthquake Engineering program (and focus) to levels matching the glory days of Richter, Housner, Jennings, Iwan et al. I'm so fortunate to have had most of them as my teachers. Best of luck to all in Techerland!

Valerie Hu (PhD '78)

Since 2005, I have focused my research on autism, using an integrative genomics approach. This has been by far the most exciting and rewarding research of my career! Currently working on gene-environment interactions that may contribute to autism risk. See sample of publications at <> Would love to hear from Caltech classmates and about what they're doing! E-mail:

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Jack Wathey (BS '78)

Life has been good for me and my wife Mary Ann. My career path started in neuroscience, took a sharp turn into computational protein folding, and most recently led me into writing a nonfiction book -- one that had been percolating in my cortex for decades. The title will be "The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing", coming out in January 2016 from Prometheus Books. I try to interpret the emotional power of religion from the perspective of evolutionary biology. In other news, I just returned from some delightful hikes amid the Bristlecone pines with fellow Techers Larry Mortin, Dave Sivertsen, and Dave's wife Gwyn.

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