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Wilson Chin (MS '72)

After earning my M.Sc. in 1972, I continued at M.I.T. where I received my Ph.D. in 1976, both degrees in Aerospace Engineering. However, my endeavors in aviation did not last long. In 1981, my interests turned to petroleum engineering, where I would literally spend the next few decades. During the past several years, I have published sixteen research monographs with John Wiley and Sons, and Elsevier Scientific Publishing, disseminating my original work in several specialties vital to oil and gas exploration and production. You can learn more at my website My latest project, however, is not technical - but a highly personal memoir for which I am seeking literary agent representation - if any of you can recommend an agent or publisher who would be excited by the title below, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Coming of Age in America -
An Asian-American M.I.T. Ph.D.'s Trek from Ghettos, Divorce and Layoffs to Discovery


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Joe Devinny (BS '69, PhD '72)

After graduation I joined the Environmental Engineering faculty at USC and stayed there for 35 years. I taught courses in environmental biology and environmental chemistry, and did research on biodegradation of hazardous materials, and more recently, on biofilters for contaminated air. I retired six years ago. My wife and I have done a lot of traveling, particularly adventure cruises to places like Antarctica and the Amazon. My primary work at home is woodturning--I make ornamental bowl and vases on a lathe and sell them at art galleries and shows. But I have also tried writing science fiction. Please check out my book "E-suits" on Amazon.

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Yorkman Lowe (EX '72, BS '73)

Being retired, I've volunteered for historical and architectural societies, helping at public exhibits and home tours. Also for the Multiple Sclerosis Society's annual bike rides between SF & Sonoma County. In summer 2015 I began volunteering as a National Parks Service tour guide on the Amtrak trains between San Jose and San Luis Obispo. That year I made 6 roundtrips, and in 2016, 10 roundtrips. If the trains are on time, it's an 11-hour day; if not, it's longer. See:

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Alan Lewis (BS '72)

I wanted to share the news of the publication of my second book:
"Option Valuation under Stochastic Volatility II: With Mathematica Code".
The book represents a decade-long project and is a sequel to an earlier
book with a similar title. The subject matter is variously called quantitative finance, mathematical finance, or financial engineering.

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Paul Re (BS '72)

After many years of work, my new book Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Reograms That Elevate and Unite will be available from the University of New Mexico Press beginning December 2015.  It is partly autobiographical and includes my Caltech years, 1968-1972.  I look forward to sharing this hybrid of art, science and philosophy with the Caltech community.  

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