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William Anderson (PhD '63)

I retired after 35 years of teaching Engineering at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My wife Betty and I are well and celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary this year. We spend the each winter in Palo Alto to be near our son/daughter-in-law and 4 granddaughters. We stay in Ann Arbor the rest of the year. I'm doing a lot of wood turning (on a lathe) and playing a lot of golf and volleyball. My favorite charity is working with a poor region in Russia, in combination with the Russian Orthodox Church. My college ROTC training led to a 3 year commitment to the Air Force, which I spent doing research at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio in 1962-1965.

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Richard Blish (BS '63, MS '64, PhD '67)

I read 3 newspapers (on line) daily, among which The Guardian is my favorite (also read Wash Post & NY Times). I often write comments back to the authors. I stay fit with daily bicycle rides (indoors due to major fall 15 yr ago) + twice a week to trainer to work on balance and flexibility. I am moderately active with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (fund raising and Advocacy), having survived pancreatic 7 yr ago (successful Clinical, only 6% survived at that time,now up to 9%). I publish a blog on Pancreatic Cancer Research. My wife died unexpectedly and quickly 8 months ago after 52 marriage. I was badly depressed and then got incredibly lucky. I met a neighbor and we hit it off really well. At our introductory meeting we discovered we went to same High School Covina in So Cal) at the same time. Yet we never crossed paths in HS or here in HOA. My daughter is now an Asst Prof in Medicine at Stanford, just 15 mi away, so I see my granddaughters often. My son is an internet security expert living in New Hampshire, but he passes through here often and I go there. Lots of traveling this past year: NH, DC+NH, Morocco, Sicily, Hawaii. Will go to DC/NH again in 2017 and intercept the total solar eclipse ... maybe more.

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Kurt Anderson (BS '63, PhD '69)

Since retirement I have been active (mostly) in water-related matters as part of
the Lower Rio Grande Regional Water Plan update effort and environmental issues
with the Lower Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club.
I am also involved in New Mexico search and rescue operations with Doña Ana County Search and Rescue and the Organ Mountains Technical Rescue Squad - although l'm now leaving some of the hairier rescue operations to younger and fitter team members.

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Lee Molho (BS '63)

"Inside the Great Rose Bowl Hoax", my memoir about our 1961 prank, was published on Amazon Kindle. It includes photos I took while we did the prank and the newly rediscovered original Kodachrome image that is now in the Caltech Archives (and on posters and mugs in the Bookstore.) All proceeds go to undergraduate financial aid. I would love to hear from Lloydies with recollections to add to the prank's permanent home in the Archives.

[Note to editor: I tried to upload a large book cover image but it was too much for the form, so I have attached a thumbnail. Glad to provide a large image with permission to use in whatever pixel dimensions you wish.]

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Clyde Zaidins (BS '62, MS '63, PhD '67)

Clyde Zaidins (BS '62, MS '63, PhD '67) came out of retirement to chair the physics department at the University of Colorado in Denver, where he spent his career. "I arrived in 1967 as one of the first three faculty," he says, and notes that while he's no longer at his beach house, he finds the work satisfying.

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