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Robert Lebovitz (BS '59, MS '60)

Retired from academia in 1998, but still in Texas, I'm keeping busy with photography ( and writing. My first novel, "To Be," holds up a pretty grim mirror to the current and future state of the State ( Since it includes a bit of physics and some undergraduate memories, Techies might enjoy reading (and critiquing) it. My second book, "We Never Do Wednesday's," available later this year (and, yes, the apostrophe's placement is correct), is a much shorter and more accessible consideration of the impositions of aging but as derived from biological rather than political decline.
Hope to see some of you at a reunion.

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John Cooper (BS '60)

After obtaining my PhD in Chemistry from Berkeley, I taught at Makerere University College, Kampala, Uganda and at Carleton College Northfield, MN, before taking a permanent position at Bucknell.

I retired in 2003 and have since spent my time doing things I never had time for on the job: reading, thinking and writing, principally in that order. I wrote for the Axis of Logic, 2005-6, until I found that others were saying what I had to say, better and more thoroughly. I received commendations from the local ACLU and others for letters to the local rag but Orwell wrote that most writers don't know when to quit. I did. I took up the trombone again to see how good I could get and when I reached my limit I set that aside, too.

I have two daughters, one from each of my two marriages. They are each special, unique, distinct and separate individuals and I am very proud of both of them.

My second wife, now of 37 years, and I live in central PA, enjoying the substantial cultural advantages provided by the University and the pleasures of rural PA's meadows and 'mountains' without the hassles of urban or suburban environs.

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John Shier (BS '60)

I thought I retired in 1999, but found a new space-filling algorithm in 2010 and have become an accidental mathematician. I find myself publishing journal papers, and have jointly authored about a half-dozen conference presentations with Doug Dunham (also Caltech class of 1960). See it all at my web site:

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Stanley Gill Williamson (BS '60)

I have made all of the material in my textbooks available for free on my website:

This includes Discrete Math Courses (lower division undergrad); Foundations of Combinatorics (upper division undergrad); Linear and Multilinear Algebra (lower division, beginning graduate); Top-down Calculus (review of calculus for those who already have had a course); Algorithmic Combinatorics (graduate level); Tensor Spaces Seminar (graduate level); Cosmology: Multiverses (foundational issues); SETI: Synthetic Intelligence (various topics).

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Lanny Lewyn (BS '59, MS '60)

Lanny Lewyn (BS '59, MS '60) is the Principal Consultant at Lewyn Consulting, Inc., holds 29 US patents in CMOS and bipolar circuits, and is a Life Senior Member of the IEEE. He is "happy to say that [his] last ADC was used in 2009 to fix the one that broke on the Hubble ACS Telescope. It is used on the ESO-VLT Paranal (Atacama) Chile and will also be used on the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) due to fly in 2018."

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Laurence Trafton (BS ’60, MS ’61, PhD ’65)

Laurence Trafton  (BS ’60, MS ’61, PhD ’65) is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Texas at Austin. He notes that he missed his 55th reunion due a scheduling conflict: he was due on Mauna Kea to observe Pluto during the New Horizons flyby in July. “Hope to see you at our 60th,” he says.

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