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Arthur (Bam) Spaulding (BS' 49, MS '58)

Lately, I had occasion to visit the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, an experience everyone should have to appreciate the efforts made by the United States to preserve our freedoms. An outgrowth of this visit was the startling revelation that a member of my squad at the very time I was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge in January, 1945 was still living in St. Jo., Missouri. He reported the details of this incident in his interview exactly as I did in mine. Talk about incredible possibilities, this one is the epitome of the improbable -- 72 years after the event.

Otherwise, I continue to play swing/jazz saxophone in two bands in Ventura County, and I invite everyone who likes the music of the '40's and later to join me.

Art (Bam) Spaulding
Former Sergeant, 91st Chemical Mortar Battalion

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Norton Starr (EX '58, PhD '64)

Successfully transferred out after freshman year. Eventually got PhD in math and taught it for fifty years at college level (MIT & Amherst College). Enjoy contact with classmates Ullemeyer, Oetzel, etc. and seeing other alums such as Wiberg, Herlein, Glattenberg, Epstein ('56), Poisner ('56, Blacker, lives near me). Also enjoyed major reunions yet never attended reunions of place to which I transferred. Slowly losing muscle tone and mental swiftness.

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Richard (Dick) Van Kirk (BS '58)

Two significant life changes in the past 16 months. My dear wife Janet died in September 2015 from metastatic melanoma brain tumors, and I moved from our long-time (46 years) home in Arcadia to a new retirement community (MonteCedro) in Altadena. Meanwhile, I am living with a rare form of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, originally diagnosed four years ago.
I am still active with Special Olympics Southern California (President Emeritus) and we are working to take advantage of the great legacy left by the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles. We have grown our program to include over 28,000 athletes, who take part in over 200 competitions a year in 12 sports throughout the southern half of the state. The athletes of Special Olympics keep me energized and thrilled by their courage, determination and joy.

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Lee Schmidt (BS '58, MS '59)

My software development career began by accident when Caltech got its Datatron computer. I still do software stuff, but for the last few years it took a backseat to my wife's Alzheimer's. She died in August 2016 after a grueling 4 months of the worst phases of the disease. We were married for 54 years and we have 4 sons. I hope that I will be able to attend the next reunion of the class of "1598".

Attached photo is from 2006, a happier time.

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John Asmus (BS '58, MS '59, PhD '65)

Leonardo da Vinci painted two versions of his most celebrated artworks. These are his Virgin of the Rocks, Virgin and Child, and The Virgin and Child with St. Anne. For centuries there has been speculation concerning the possible existence of a second Mona Lisa, as well. Countless Mona Lisa copies have surfaced and several have been advanced as the long-lost "Second Mona Lisa," only to be dismissed after failing scientific or historical scrutiny. Twenty-seven years ago the heirs of the late Joseph Pulitzer asked me to examine a painting known as the "Isleworth Mona Lisa" in the family collection of fine art. This invitation was extended in response to my ten-year study (instigated by Walter Munk, '48) of the varnishes and pentimenti of the Louvre Mona Lisa. Subsequently, the Isleworth painting has passed every available scientific test from radiocarbon dating to digital-image age regression. I determined that Leonardo painted the Isleworth piece around 1503 and the Louvre portrait around 1513. This discovery settled a protracted debate among art historians as to whether Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa in 1503 or 1513. Both dates are correct, but for two different paintings.

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Dick Van Kirk (BS '58)

Dick Van Kirk (BS '58) is the President Emeritus of the Special Olympics Southern California. He has been active in the planning and preparation of the 2015 World Games in LA, noting that they have attracted nearly 7,000 athletes from 170 countries to compete in 25 sport. As he says, "what a way to increase awareness and inclusion for persons with disabilities!"

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Richard Stark (BS '57, MS '58)

Richard Stark (BS '57, MS '58) is now retired after a long career with the Aerospace Corporation. He finds inspiration hosting tours at the Space Shuttle Endeavor exhibit in Exposition Park, L.A. "We graduated the same year as the launch of Sputnik," Stark notes. "The span of our careers mirrored that of the space age, including its impact on science and technology. [Today's technology] is a long way from manually soldering transistors on printed circuit boards."

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