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Allan Beek (BS '50)

-- I am trying to save the Pacifica listener-supported radio network, by forming an email discussion group of listeners and hosts.  Sort of a blog without the insults.  Hoping that friends of a station will give more generously.
-- I am also trying to get the takeoff procedure changed at John Wayne Airport (Newport Beach) to a fast climb entirely over the swamps and mudflats of Upper Newport Bay, where there are no residents to be disturbed by the noise.
-- I am the original owner of a 1961 VW bug, license 1234ETC, over 600,000 Mi.
-- I have 2 daughters but NO grandchildren. You can't blame overpopulation on me.
-- I delighted my 1939 English teacher by reciting from memory, at a chance meeting, the epilog of Scott's "The Lady of the Lake."
-- A calculus student turned in a paper on June 6, 1966, commenting, "6/6/66.  How about that, Mr. Beek?"  I answered "The question is, where will you be, and where will I be, on 7/7/77?"  Answer:  We had dinner together.  And with our spouses on 8/8/88 and 9/9/99.  She died before 1/1/11.
1001 = 7x11x13.  10101 = 3x7x13x37  Good for some parlor tricks.