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John Cummings (BS '69, MS '70, PhD '73)

I left Caltech and joined TRW in 1973.  In 1975 I was hired by Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, NM. I worked at Sandia for 32 years in several R&D and management positions. One of my more interesting Sandia assignments was serving in Washington DC as the Director of Critical Infrastructure Protection for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology division (2003-2005). I retired from Sandia in 2008. My wife Ellen and I split our time between WA and CO because our 2 sons and their families (8 grandkids) live in those 2 states. In addition to spending lots of time with our extended family, we also do volunteer work and are active in our church.

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Jeff Hecht (BS '69)

For the past 40 years I have been writing about lasers, optics and fiber optics, and in October I was honored to be elected a fellow of The Optical Society "For informing and educating professionals as well as the general public in the advances in optics and lasers." Lately I've been writing for New Scientist, Nature, IEEE Spectrum, and Optics & Photonics News. I also have been dabbling in science fiction, with about three dozen short stories published over the years. It's a long way from writing for the California Tech back in the days when it was printed with lead type composed on Linotype machines. Lois and I are enjoying our work too much to retire.

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Joe Devinny (BS '69, PhD '72)

After graduation I joined the Environmental Engineering faculty at USC and stayed there for 35 years. I taught courses in environmental biology and environmental chemistry, and did research on biodegradation of hazardous materials, and more recently, on biofilters for contaminated air. I retired six years ago. My wife and I have done a lot of traveling, particularly adventure cruises to places like Antarctica and the Amazon. My primary work at home is woodturning--I make ornamental bowl and vases on a lathe and sell them at art galleries and shows. But I have also tried writing science fiction. Please check out my book "E-suits" on Amazon.

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Kurt Anderson (BS '63, PhD '69)

Since retirement I have been active (mostly) in water-related matters as part of
the Lower Rio Grande Regional Water Plan update effort and environmental issues
with the Lower Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club.
I am also involved in New Mexico search and rescue operations with Doña Ana County Search and Rescue and the Organ Mountains Technical Rescue Squad - although l'm now leaving some of the hairier rescue operations to younger and fitter team members.

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