Ronald Peterson (BS '67)

I have recently completed my autobiography: An Introvert Learns to Fly.

Caltech grads will enjoy seeing how a shy nerd from Minnesota survived Caltech and Lloyd House and grew into a leadership role in a major corporation. Essentially, my whole life was an experiment. Learn more, or buy the book at my website: or through Amazon.

Some highlights:

  • Scoring a record low on a Lloyd House “purity test” on knowledge of sex—eventually figuring it out

  • Convincing Feynman to drop me from a graduate course the day before he made it pass/fail

  • Rooming off campus with Doug Osheroff who later won the Nobel Prize

  • Doing groundbreaking research on low-temperature heat flow, and coatings for solar collectors and satellites

  • Leading technology for all of Honeywell despite being charisma-challenged

  • Helping teenagers build a 900-pound yellow submarine

  • Retiring as a consultant, writer, founder of a huge community garden, and teacher of precocious grandchildren (hoping one will be a third generation Caltech grad).

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