Dilip Khatri (MS '85)

Graduated from Caltech in 1985 with my MS in Civil Engineering (Dr. Paul Jennings was my advisor), and then went on to complete my PhD in Structural/Earthquake Engineering at USC in 1997 (Dr. Agbabian, Dr. Trifunac, Dr. Vincent Lee, and Dr. Jim Anderson were on my Dissertation Committee). I also completed my MBA in Finance from USC, 1988. For the past 34 years I've been working in design, analysis, and construction of buildings, bridges, wind towers, infrastructure projects , residences, roads, and various aspects of civil engineering. I'm now in my own private consulting practice for the past 20 years and enjoy every part of the profession. I'm licensed in 50 States, Canada, and Australia, and work internationally as well.

In the past 5 years, I've developed a new avocation: Documentary Film Production. I will have my first documentary film about structural engineers and architects designing the tallest high rise building in Los Angeles: The Wilshire Grand Center. This film will be released in October 2017.

I still live in Pasadena, only 15 minutes from Caltech and periodically stop by to visit the Athenaeum, Library, Bookstore, Gym, and take a stroll on campus. It feels good to be part of the Caltech Community.

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