Harish Ravi (MS '14)

I just finished submitting my PhD thesis at Indian Institute of Science. While the contributions were small and fundamental, they were the fun small things that I could contribute in. I think nature should have a few pages for contributions from developing countries :)

Anyway I have been going around finding out a few problems at home (and international ones) and fixing them while researching on my futures and options (like stock market).

India is a wonderful place for international students to have fun locally and in clubs and malls. I have been going around in both places. We still need to have a way of securing developed country citizens in developing countries and vice versa. Or else both people will keep ending up in hospitals and the doctors will get all the money :P

I also went around travelling the country getting some fresh air. I recommend everyone to do this after their PhD. That is the best time to enjoy and chill out and travel (preferably alone or in small groups = you can break up and reunite everyday).

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