Robert Deffeyes (BS '57)

I retired 20 years ago. 2 years ago, my wife and I moved from Austin to Seattle. We are in a retirement home A met a watercolor artist and I put on a two man exhibition. He had a couple of dozen watercolor pictures and I had a "matching" set of photographs of the same subject. He painted a scene of a fjord on the north coast of Norway in 1950. I had a picture standing on almost the same spot in 2002. We were asked to do a talk during the exhibition. As I prepared for the talk, I realized that I knew him. He is Dr. Thane McCullogh a geology professor at Caltech when I was an undergraduate. I had written a front page article in The California Tech about a Friday demonstration lecture by Dr McCullough. That article appeared 60 years to the day of our talk. Naturally, I displayed a copy of the article to the audience at the talk. I am still masquerading as an artist.

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